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Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company No. 2 is one of three all-volunteer fire departments that provide fire suppression, vehicle and specialized rescue, hazardous materials response, fire safety training, and other public services for the Town of McCandless, a suburban community ten miles north of Pittsburgh. We proudly serve over 30,000 residents and countless numbers of visitors and workers in this 16+ square-mile response area twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Springtime Means Severe Storms

Are You Ready for Severe Weather?

Spring and summer provide ideal conditions for severe weather to form, including high winds, heavy downpours, severe thunderstorms, and even the occasional tornado or two.

Now is the time to prepare for just those occurances.

Do you have flashlights with fresh batteries?
Do you have a working weather radio?
Do you know where the safest place in your home is? What about your school or office?
What about extra food and water, in case power is out for an extended period of time?

As we approach Pennsylvania's Severe Weather Awareness Week (April 25-29), we encourage you to learn about the dangers of severe weather, and how you can keep yourself and your family safe.

For more information, visit our Emergency Preparedness page.


Call to Action: Volunteer TODAY!!

Did you know that your fire departments in McCandless are staffed by a completely volunteer corp of firefighters?

And did you know that Ingomar VFC has two fire stations? That means that we need plenty of firefighters at both our Harmony Station and North Ingomar Station to adequately staff our fire apparatus and respond to emergencies.

Right now we need your help! We're looking for men and women who live close to our North Ingomar Substation to volunteer their time and talents. In particular, we need members who live or work off of Meinert Road, Pine Creek Road, Richard Road, Reichold Road, Rinaman Road, Grubbs Road, or the northern sections of Perry Highway and Old Perry Highway.

We need you to take action and make a commitment to help your friends, family, and neighbors . . . and to enrich your own life. Join the men and women of Ingomar Volunteer Fire Company today!

Give us a call or send us an e-mail . . . or stop by either station during our Tuesday night trainings to meet our members and learn more about giving back to your community and joining Ingomar VFC!

Need an application? Fill out our membership application form and bring it by the station to get started!


Town of McCandless Burn Ordinance

If you'd like to have an open recreational burn within the Town of McCandless, there are rules to follow for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

Before you burn, we encourage you to take a look at the town ordinance regarding open burning in McCandless. We're sure you'd like to enjoy your evening without a visit from your local fire department.

You may direct any questions regarding this ordinance to the Town of McCandless, 412-364-0616.